How to Install plugin:MatSim and pbf in JOSM

After installing JOSM, I want to install MATSim and pbf plug-ins, but I can't operate them. I want to ask for help.
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Sorry, but with this little information I can only guess.
Please, describe what you tried so far and what failed. What messages do you get from JOSM. Additionally some information about your system might be useful. Please, use Help → Report Bug in JOSM and copy the content of the “new ticket” description. Thanks.

The general procedure to add plugins is to open the prefences screen from the menu, click plugins in the list of options in that preferences window, search for the plugins of choice and click the download/install buttons. I’ve never tried installing any not found with the above procedure. The process is described in the wiki

Edit: the wiki lists a PBF plugin but not a MATSim

According to the JOSM plug-in menu MATSim is an external plug-in which comes from these people

I am not sure if it is still actively developed though as the last commit was years ago (GitHub - matsim-org/josm-matsim-plugin).

Well, there is the JOSM wiki which is my primary source as it is usually more up to date. Help/Preferences/Plugins – JOSM describes the procedure (including manual installation) and the Plugin list is actually directly use for the list in preferences. With this said, I find both plugins in the list and I have no problem to install both. In reality seven more plugins are installed as dependencies, see below. One is 'javafx` which might make trouble but I simply need more infos.

Relative:URL: ^/trunk
Repository:UUID: 0c6e7542-c601-0410-84e7-c038aed88b3b
Last:Changed Date: 2023-03-21 14:21:54 +0100 (Tue, 21 Mar 2023)
Build-Date:2023-03-22 02:31:00

Identification: JOSM/1.5 (18698 en) Linux Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Memory Usage: 170 MB / 768 MB (68 MB allocated, but free)
Java version: 17.0.6+10-Debian-1deb11u1, Debian, OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Java package: openjdk-17-jre:amd64-17.0.6+10-1~deb11u1
libcommons-compress-java: libcommons-compress-java:all-1.20-1
libcommons-logging-java: libcommons-logging-java:all-1.2-2
fonts-noto: fonts-noto:all-20201225-1
VM arguments: [--module-path=/usr/share/openjfx/lib, --add-modules=java.scripting,java.sql,javafx.controls,,javafx.swing,javafx.web, -Djosm.restart=true,,, -Djosm.home=<josm.pref>, --add-exports=java.base/, --add-exports=java.desktop/com.sun.imageio.plugins.jpeg=ALL-UNNAMED, --add-exports=java.desktop/com.sun.imageio.spi=ALL-UNNAMED]
Dataset consistency test: No problems found

+ apache-commons (36034)
+ ejml (35924)
+ geotools (36028)
+ jackson (36034)
+ javafx (36034)
+ jaxb (35952)
+ jts (36004)
+ matsim (d70ae5a)
+ pbf (36034)

Last errors/warnings:
- 00023.130 E: Failed to locate image 'open.png'
- 00023.143 E: Failed to locate image 'new.png'
- 00023.339 E: Failed to locate image 'matsim-scenario.png'
- 00023.341 W:  null: Could not get presets icon matsim-scenario.png
- 00023.343 E: Failed to locate image 'images/dialogs/logo.png'
- 00023.344 W:  Link: Could not get presets icon images/dialogs/logo.png