How to insert Tour Virtual in a point?

I’m NB in Open Street Map, and I hope I’m not violating any community rules. I would like to suggest a new tag: Virtual Tour, so that the user can insert a weblink to access the virtual tour. Or, the possibility of inserting more than one website for each point of interest is made available.
Thanks for the support

In OSM that would be the other way round.

Instead of adding/attaching a link (many links) of a virtual route/tour to a POI, the POI would become a member of such a route/tour == relation.

If you want to do that as a private project, i’d suggest you have a look at UMAP or

I assume the question is about something like this:

A web page that lets you walk around a museum virtually, StreetView-style. It could be useful to integrate links to these web pages into OSM-based apps, so you can decide based on the virtual tour if you want the visit the museum physically.

Inventing a tag, such as website:virtual_tour sounds reasonable to me, and if you document it on the Wiki that makes it more likely others will know what it means and start using it to.

Use image= or video= first, if it is in such format. There seems to be absolutely nothing for interactive 3D scenes, so maybe url= for now if you really want to add it.

Yes, it’s exactly as osmuser63783 said! I also think that inventing a specific tag is reasonable and would collaborate and improve the experience even more. These are real places that we could present even more information to the user to know, in addition to the location, what it’s like inside and if that point really is what they want. Thanks to everyone who responded, but I’ll consider proposing the new tag to the developers. Does anyone know how to do this?