How to indicate the street parking tag source date?

Hello everyone, OSM newbie here!

I’m adding some information regarding the parking state in Frankfurt am Main in some areas. I have studied the wiki’s street parking page on the tagging rules and I’m trying to comply with all the tagging schemas explained there. However, I didn’t find any tags about the date of the source I’m using to derive the data, for example, the date I visited the street or the date that an image was captured and I’m using this tag for it:

parking:source:date: yyyy-mm-dd

What do you think about this?

Hi, I don’t think there is a need for such meta data. In the object history one can see when a tag has been added or changed.

Normally it is not necessary to specify the date on which a particular Tag of an element was checked. This information is already available when viewing the history of the object and ideally all relevant information is in the changeset itself (date, source, etc.).

If I collect data and fotos on a particular date and edit OSM data three days later I typically mention the date of collection in the changeset comment. This also helps me to find my foto when I look at the history of an object.

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For the date of visit I would use check_date:

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There is also the alternative survey:date=
Personally, however, I like check_date better when I use it.

If it is a street (highway=*) with on-street parking spaces (parking:*), then I find a check_date misleading, as it does not indicate what exactly was checked. In the case of a street, this could affect all tags including maxspeed, surface, smoothness, sidewalk, cycleway, parking, name, highway, width, oneway and so much more.
As a data consumer, I would then ask myself: Was all this checked on that day?


You can use check_date:* as prefix:


Unfortunately that only holds the information about the date when the edit was made, not the date that image was captured. :frowning:

So I would assume something like this:


would be the correct way to reach this goal?

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Correct, but be aware that it is currently not used very often: Search results | OpenStreetMap Taginfo

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A good place for this info is to put the text-string directly into the image.

StreetComplete uses check_date:parking=yyyy-mm-dd. (It only updates this date when the parking situation was changed and the tag is already set. Currently it does not add it on it’s own)