How to handle public transport relations when modifying streets?

I’m on the process of fixing/revising the roads around my area while preparing for something else, and I noticed certain roads have public transport relations.

If I want to do some “micromapping” regarding re-assigning sections of nodes/lines to different streets by splitting and merging in JOSM, is there some special care I should have with the bus line relationships?

They seem to be heavily order dependent. JOSM seems to be able to merge the sections into the desired street just fine, but I’m not sure if I’d mess something up by not downloading the whole area they cover.

It’s always a good idea loading all affected relations into the relation editor of JOSM, download all their members and then start the JOSM’s validator.

Btw. I’m the author of PTNA .
Is your area configured to be analysed by that tool?
I can easily add your area.

GTFS is indeed vary handy. I’m working on a comparison Example for bus 210 between GTFS and OSM data PTNA report for bus 210 (PTv2-route_master/route-relations).

My first concern for using GTFS is always the “license”. I’m not an expert and am not sure whether tie license of the GTFS data, especially " Restricciones" point #2 is compatible with OSM.

Debe citarse al MITRAMS como fuente de datos, especificando si son datos en bruto o explotados. En plataformas digitales; webs, foros, blogs, apps, etc…debe quedar claramente la indicación “Powered by MITRAMS" incluyendo enlace a la página oficial del MITRAMS (

I think we cannot place their name at a prominent location on the OSM pages.
We have a “contributors” page in the wiki. Some data providers gave explicit permission that it is sufficient to be mentioned over there. Would you like to check that?