How to get updates from Tiger?

I’m looking at a section of the map in my area - OpenStreetMap - and see a city boundary that is incorrect. I believe a small area has been annexed into the city since this boundary was placed. The information for the boundary says “Tiger/Line 2008 Place Shapefiles”. That’s been a few years. Is there some mechanism to get this updated?

In general you can download TIGER data and use it for editing. If you manually update just single boundary it should be enough to look at its history (maybe it is tricky case and TIGER is wrong).

In case of larger scale importing of new TIGER data, see Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki before doing this

I don’t want to attempt to import that data. I tried to edit the line, and can’t because “it’s part of a larger relationship” (or some such wording). I decided this edit is beyond me, and I’ll just leave it as is. If anyone wants to tackle it, the Walla Walla city map can be found here

You can create a note ( Notes - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) to make others aware of data issue