how to get straight streets from track log

Hello there,

I’m quite new in OSM and just tried to track some streets in Munich.
But even if the street is straight my track on the display is not straight.
How do you get a straight line from the track log. Do you use only the trackpoints where the street meets to another street and ignore the other trackpoints.

When I compare the trag log with the streets displayed by the streetmap of mapsource the tracklog often doesn’t fit with the streets on the map. What is the reason? Is the mapsource map (city navigator) unprecise or are the tracks unprecise? Should I track a street more than one time to get better results?

Another question: the mapsource software of my garmin can export the tracklog to gpx. Has this gpx-File produceed by mapsource the correct form to upload it to the OSM-server?


As you suggested if you know the street is straight then take the 2 end points and link them. Staying stationary for a short period at each end enshores these are reliable. Going down the street twice, once in each direction can also give 2 opositly facing curves, and you can just plot the track between the 2.

Mapsource can display different maps, but From what Ive seen most of them are cruid. Your gps not lineing up with it is no concern at all.

I save gpx from mapsource and it uploads to OSM fine. Try it, and if the file uploads succsefully and displays well, then its correct.