How to get mapping changed to direct visiting traffic from our closed gate to our open gate to our community?

The moderator (or whomever) said “its a private road. No action will be taken” (or something to that effect).
In short, simply trying to get the GPS guidance changed from its current state of guiding traffic to this 24/7 closed gate: (Bastione Court via Springfield Road).

to this gate which is open 7am to about 8pm. (Moriano via Staple Mills)

Any suggestions on how to get this updated/changed?

The gate on Bastione Court is already tagged as being locked 24/7, whereas the gate on Moriano Terrace isn’t tagged as being locked. Both gates are tagged as allowing only private access, as are the streets in the subdivision. This seems to mostly match your description, except:

When the gate on Moriano is open, is traffic allowed to come and go freely throughout the subdivision? If so, the fix would be to remove access=private from the streets and the gate on Moriano, then add the hours to the gate (opening_hours, or the Hours field in the iD editor). The streets can be tagged access=permissive and ownership=private to clarify that they aren’t public streets.

I’ve also mapped the sidewalks and the gates across them, which can similarly be tagged with access restrictions and hours.

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Unrelated to the result but technically opening_hours=closed on the access=private =gate could mean it’s always closed for everyone including residents and whatever allowed. It’s also an invalid syntax.
I don’t know if any application supports opening_hours= on barrier= . Again, opening_hours=08:00-20:00 might be interpreted as it is closed for everyone outside those times, If you want to be sure, you will want to add the more complicated yet standard access:conditional=private @ 20:00-08:00 to the barrier= and highway= roads to show the public can’t use them at night.

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Unfortunately I think you’re right. Even though the iD preset for gates presents Hours (opening_hours) as an option, OSRM, Organic Maps, and Valhalla don’t have any code to support it, OsmAnd seems to have declined support for it. If there is some router that supports it, it wouldn’t be enough to solve the immediate problem.