How to fix or add the ocean name between korea and japan!? reque

i’ve used Grafana Worldmap and found something,
as i know the name of ocean which is located between korea and japan must be written dual name (east sea, sea of japan)

but i can see only one (sea of japan)

the other map in openstreetmap display two things

is there any way to fix in my local enviroment? or where should i request this problem?

  1. Find out if Grafana Worldmap uses OpenStreetMap data for the map.
  2. Go to the OpenStreetMap website and create an account.
  3. Locate the area between Korea and Japan on the map.
  4. Add the missing ocean name “East Sea” as an alternate name for the “Sea of Japan.”
  5. Save your changes and provide a comment explaining the edit.
  6. The OpenStreetMap community will review your edit.
  7. Once approved, the updated ocean name will appear in Grafana Worldmap.

This takes some time for the changes to be reflected in Grafana Worldmap.


Wow, please be careful.
This has been a disputed area (Naming) between Japan and South Korea for long years.

So easy editing would cause trouble for the local communities.
I recommend asking DWG first. (Probably each community do not have a consensus on this. And the sea does not have nor signposts for Disputed Territories Information guideline)