How to find roads within a radius of 5 km from a given point

Is there any tool or any OSM-based website where I can designate an area (roads) within a radius of X kilometers from a given point? E.g. I have a restaurant and we only deliver within a radius of 5 kilometers.

Lots of tools, probably.

I know of one. Locus Map is an Android app that displays OSM or other maps. Under “Geocaching tools”, there’s a “Draw circle” option that draws a shaded circle over your delivery area.

I forgot to add that I’m looking for a desktop/web application.

I already find the tool - with “reach” function.

But if you know of other such tools, feel free to write.

So you are looking for a solution like in this wiki page?

Yes, I am. I haven’t heard of “isochrone” before and didn’t know what to look for. Perfect, thank you.