How to filter nodes with non empty tags using Osmfilter?

Hi, does someone know how to filter nodes regarding non empty name tags using Osmfilter? Currently I use


but this filters also nodes with an empty name tag.

What are the differences btw.


I can’t find this informations on the Osmfilter manual.


I believe all three of those are equivalent. All of them should match any object that has a name tag.

Can you post the full command that you’re running? I suspect that what might be happening is that you’re also keeping ways, and the nodes without a name tag are the nodes that comprise those ways.

Ok. Before I use this command I already have all ways and relations converted to nodes.

CALL %OSMFILTER% %PLANET%\planet.o5m --keep="name and (...)" -t=R:\TempOsmconv -o=%PATHEX%\categories.o5m -v=2

So is there no way to filter tages with non empty names?