How to extract speed cameras for GPS usage in 4 steps

I spent some time finding out how to do it, but hadn’t found any concise information on how to extract the speed cameras from OpenStreetMap for GPS usage. Now that I’m successful, why wouldn’t I be sharing the knowledge in a short, but detailed instruction video … (the upload example is rather Zümo 595- centric). I hope this is the appropriate subforum for doing so…

Hi Sudolea,

I know it is quite a time ago… but I have a question about above… I have tried the trick in the youtube video…
as in this: “$OSMOSIS” --read-pbf $DATAIDIR/europe-latest.osm.pbf --node-key-value keyValueList=“highway.speed_camera” --write-xml $DATAODIR/radars.osm

but I am not quite aware if I did it right… Is there a possibility that you can help me with the following?

a card of europe / holland… and then converting to BIN? with maptool OSM to BIN
as in here:

I did it myself but I got only erroneous messages … filesize keeps zero and the site won’t get any data… could not find etcetera…

Cheers, Chimieltje