How to export maps for pronting

Hello everybody this is my first post here! I really like idea of open map project. I hope that I will help somehow.

I’m graphical designer and I would like to print some maps that I would customize. I want to print big, like 2:3 meters. The best would be if there is way of extracting vector maps, bit maps are not so good for me because I want to change colors, thickness of lines, print big.

So ideal tool would look like this:
-I select area from, let say London city.
-I can chose how much details I want to see, and witch. (it’s also OK if I can get all the details, and then after I can delete what I don’t need)
-I extract map in some vector file that is readable by InkScape or Adobe Illustrator. (.svg or .ai)

Bear in mind that I never used any of map editors, except web editor on, so plese be as specific as possible.

I hope that I don’t ask to many and hard questions. Thanks in advance!

Head over to and do a search there for keywords like print, paper, SVG, PDF, Illustator etc.

There are definitively hints for your aim! You will find Information finally in the OSM wiki.

Maybe Maperitive can help you out. There is also QGIS, but that is a lot harder to work with, if you don’t have GIS background.

I created the following map with maperitive:

It’s also possible to export as svg.

It will involve writing a stylesheet to indicate which features you want and how you want them to be rendered. The more you can include in this stylesheet, the better it will be. Then you can keep creating up to date maps, when the underlying data improves.