How to export map with rail tracks covering whole Europe?

Dear helpful souls,
I have a big need to export all train tracks with stations from OSM and create offline map for my game project. Every time when i select the Europe area OSM says that the area is to big to export. Im selecting a layer of public transport and all is nicely displayed on the screen but im not able to export whole Europe but only small piece of land. Looking on google for any tips but unfortunatly usucesfully, so if any of you could give me a helping hand with such task that would be great. Im new with this so i need a bit more precise instructions how to do :slight_smile:
If you have a knowledge that cant be done, this is a useful information for me as well, then i will start looking for a something else.
maybe i should downolad the data from planet osm or geofabrik? if you have a knowledge how to do that and export from the files only the information i need please let me know
Thanks in advance

Use Overpass Turbo.