How to edit regions / polygons


there is a (totally) wrong polygon spanning some region in Austria:

This polygon is much too large for the region it should show (“Oberpullendorf”) and therefore a lot of places in nominatim are incorrectly assigned to this region.

How can I correct this polygon shown in the map? I wasn’t able to find it in potlatch or JOSM, any help how to do this would be appreciated.

Thanks and regards,

I think it’s “generated” from a single node :

I’ve been there already: how is the location and size of this polygon derived from the data of this node (240073587)?

I did not find any attribute/tag to change which might affect the area.

For place= tags on nodes, I think Nominaton just has to estimate the area it covers. I think it uses the place tag, ie city covers a large area than town etc, plus what other areas are nearby. And its not always very accurate.
If you know the boundaries for this region, then draw a way (or relation) around it, and tag it as place=region, name=Oberpullendorf etc, and delete the node.

ok, I’ve tried that and created way and moved all the tags from the point to the way.

Lets see if Nominatim picks this up correctly