How to edit our own OSM-based maps

How can I edit our copy of OSM maps? I want to change the accessibility of roads and barriers for our company’s drivers.

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In order to be able to give a reasonable answer to the question, some details about the exact situation at your company are missing. How exactly have you set up OSM locally and how do you use it?

If you’re looking to use OpenStreetMap data only locally, meaning you want to or already have set up your own instance of the map data for internal use within your company’s systems or applications, you can do so by setting up a local copy of the OpenStreetMap database. This allows you to make modifications and changes to the map data without affecting the main OpenStreetMap database that is publicly accessible.

A rough guide would be:

  1. Download OSM data (for example from
  2. Set-up a database (most common is PostgreSQL)
  3. Import OSM data (most common is osm2pgsql)
  4. Perform your changed locally with SQL and save them

I mean keep in mind that your local copy of the OpenStreetMap data will become outdated over time as the real-world changes. You’ll need to regularly update your database with fresh OSM data to ensure that your internal maps remain accurate.
And of course, the details depend entirely on your exact setup.

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Yes, I’ve already done that. But I am interested in whether I can use any application for editing such as iD, JOSM or other?

Yes, in this case you would have to edit the data locally in JOSM after step 1 (download Geofabrik), then save it again in JOSM as an OSM file and only then continue with step 2.

Thanks a lot, I will definitely try it

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