How to edit lake inside forest?

Just registered, and I’m struggling to understand how to edit correctly.

I have tried to understand how to add a multipolygon relation between the forest (outside?) and the lake (inside?), but I read that the relation should have landuse=forest. Does that mean the the outer way should be changed to area? Or doesn’t it matter?

Is this,, OK?

You’ve got a relation , an “outer” way and two inner ways and .

You’re correct in that you’ve added a main tag to the relation. What I’d also do is transfer the remaining leaf_type tag from the outer (and also possibly natural=wood), as it goes with the landuse=forest / natural=wood tagging on the relation. I’d leave the source on the outer way (which came originally from Corine Land Cover).

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry about the late followup.

I have transfered the tags as suggested, but when I look at the area with the OSM layer, there are trees inside the water, and I’m sure that must mean something is still not correct.
When done correctly, the trees should only be shown in the area outside the lakes, right?

The relation has inner ways and these are displayed without trees on the osm. There are many other lake boundaries that are inside of the outer boundary of the relation you are working on. These are not part of the relation yet and display trees over the water. You need to add the boundaries of the ‘treed lakes’ to the relation as inner ways too.

In this image the relation you have linked to is outlined in pink:

Thanks! I must’ve been fooled by caching, because the lakes that I saw trees in (outlined in pink in the image above), are now clear.
I will update the other lakes inside this area eventually.

Please check again.
Currently you paint the forest 2x (1x landuse forest, 1x natural wood)
And forgot the role for one of the new members, in some apps that can kill the whole relation.

Thanks! Added the role. So, landuse=forest and natural=wood are (usually? always?) mutually exclusive? This is from the Corine Land Cover edit, and I’m not sure which is correct.

Re “landuse=forest” vs “natural=wood”, there are major differences in the way these are used by OpenStreetMap mappers. The wiki page goes some way to explain this.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how one particular map shows the features that you are adding, especially in cases such as this where there are potentially different interpretations of the data. If this seems confusing, it’s because it is - sorry about that!