How to edit/delete bad GPX data on OSM?

I recently noticed some wrong GPX traces on the map in Tehran. Someone(s) tried to write some text on the map in this way. These entries need to be removed but I couldn’t find any way to do so.

Is there any way to edit the GPX data on OSM?


GPX data can be removed from the database, but the rendering that is available as a raster layer will not reflect deletions (if you can identify the account that uploaded the data, the DWG should be able to remove it).

That said, I wouldn’t bother. “misusing” the GPX facility in multiple ways, including for note taking, has a long tradition and given that it only ancillary data that can easily be ignored when not appropriate trying to keep it “clean” would seem to be a lot of effort for very little gain.


It would be worth more effort if someone created some highly offensive/spammy/destructive GPX tracks.

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Thanks for your reply.

I find these traces very spammy and noisy. Thankfully these cases are not offensive.

May you give me some hint on how to find out who uploaded these traces?

I would report it to the DWG ( in that case, the OSM GPX-API has a number of quirks that make searching for anything but your own tracks essentially not possible.

If I right-click > “Save as …” on the GPX layer in JOSM I get:

    <desc>دروس -عراقی-اختیاریه</desc>
    <link href="/user/madjidf/traces/2380512">

(JOSM API call:,35.7492139,51.4647049,35.7518261&page=0)

So the trace is:
And more:


Not much of a vandal though if they set their tracks to identifialbe.

Yes, we are lucky here. This doesn’t work in (probably) most cases, as the other trace visibility modes are anonymous without a link to the user.

I just noticed that the table entry in the German wiki page DE:Visibility of GPS traces for the anonymous property (“Upload-Nutzer erkennbar”) seems wrong for public (“Öffentlich”), as it contradicts the description and the original English page (since 2011)?