How to edit an erroneous label?


I’m brand new to OpenStreetMap editing. I’ve started using the navigation app Gaia GPS, which uses OpenStreetMap data. I noticed a misspelled label in my local area but I can’t figure out how to correct it. A nearby junior high school, South Ogden Junior High, appears to have all the correct data. However, the label that appears on the map is spelled incorrectly (South Odgden Junior High). How do I correct this label? It doesn’t seem to be selectable on its own, and when I select the school all the metadata is correct. The misspelled label does not appear in the list of editable fields. Please see image below.

The school area, which includes the building and some pitches north east of it has the typo.

How do I select this area in order to edit this label?

Never mind, found it. Thanks for your help!

Go to and press edit