How to edit a point rating I wrote in open street map?

Hi there

I installed open street map in my iphone. Now I ranked a store and placed a comment about this place in open street map. Well, I could not figured out how to edit my ranking or comment. Could someone help me out?
Thank you!

That information should not be in openstreetmap!

It is possible there is a third party application that stores this information and links it to openstreetmap, but without knowing which application or web site you are using, it is going to be difficult to point you in the right direction to get help on it.

Openstreetmap itself, should only contain verifiable facts, not personal judgements.

What you probably installed was an application that used OpenStreetMap data, since there is no “open street map” application.

However, if you can locate the place at (move the map around, zoom in, and then copy what’s in the browser URL bar) we may be able to help find out what you actually did.

Hi vonsteinfels, welcome to the OSM world! there is no official OpenStreetMap app. But everybody is encouraged to use our data (while complying to our license) in an independent app. Which app did you install? We will help you anyway! :slight_smile: