How to edit a coastline

I edited the coastline of the Indonesian island Malenge. Unfortunately the new better coasline is only visible to me in iD editor but not for the public. Why? What can I do to publish it. The other objects I added like paths and buildings are visible to the public.

You just have to wait. The coastline is a special beast. Unlike the other features that are normally rendered within minutes, the coastline is updated with a much lower frequency. One of the reasons is that it is only updated when no problems are found in the coastline data. So if someone broke a coastline in another part of the world, rendering is delayed.

This check is done because a broken coastline would render everything blue.

You can find some information about that on

Coastline is critical data to the rendering process, so updates are delayed to avoid problems.
See section “Rendering in Standard tile layer on” in

The coastline data was last updated May 25. You can check it here and

Tack on question::

How detailed is too detailed for coastline/riverbank/lake tracing? So many nooks and crannies… the OCD part of me just going nuts! :smiley: