How to (easily) draw outline according to an uploaded pixel graphic

Hi there!
Probably I have a wrong idea of how to solve my problem or I use the wrong keywords looking for the following - maybe someone knows help anyway: In the end I need a closed polygone path that represents the boundary of an area. As model I have a pixel graphic or even an svg vector file whose outer outline is Germanys outline. So I thought there must be a way to

  • either upload that svg to an OSM, transpareny 50%, match it with Germany by scaling/rotating etc. and then draw the boundary by hand
  • or even better: le the paths be geo-referenced automatically

I don’t have time and brain to introduce myself into QGis and its plug-in FreehandRasterGeoreferencer with which it seems to be possible…

Any other ideas for GIS layperson like me?

You can upload the graphic to, align it and then use it in JOSM. But I am not sure this works for such a big area.

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Thanks @Discostu36! Map Warper looks good and as my svg has only 16kbit I could imagine that the km size dimension of it doesn’t matter - but since today (?!) Map Warpers is closed: “Uploads have been disabled temporarily. Sorry, the server ran out of disk space. Please be patient as will be moving to a new server before Dec!”
Why did you write “then use it in JOSM”? I guess Map Warper offers drawing paths, too?!

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I supposed that in the end you want to contribute something to OSM, if that is not the case, mapwarper might not be the best solution. The only thing it does is warp the image to fit to OSM’s map projection. Then you can add the aligned image as a layer to JOSM to draw paths along the background image.


ok, thanks, I got it. Well then I wait until “before December” and try my luck on Map Warper + JOSM (-;

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I use PicLayer, a plugin that shows images as background in JOSM.

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Hi @dcapillae - cool, thanks, I will have a look which of the two possibilities is easier for laypersons (-:

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