How to download tiles with Maperitive to get zoom 5 to zoom 15?

Hi all.
I used Maperitive download map tiles just can get zoom 8 to zoom 12, how can change this as z5 to z15?

Note that such bulk downloading is commonly banned by tile providers.

For example see Tile Usage Policy governing use of OSMF tile servers.

Downloading up to z12 is relatively reasonable but increasing it to z15 would increase number of downloaded tiles more 15 times, with higher risk of requesting of rerendering.


The OP might have mis-spoken and they don’t want to “download” tiles but instead “produce” tiles, something that Maperitive can do - see Maperitive: generate-tiles Command


thing is how to set the min-zoom and max-zoom?

Yes, you are right.
I didn’t find command to set zoom range?

In Maperitive, you would normally use the little command line box at the bottom of the window to add your command, i.e.
generate-tiles maxzoom=15 minzoom=5 ...

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Thank you woodpeck.

You put a space after the first longitude, I guess you may not use spaces when defining the bounding box.

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I’ll test it.