How to download a map

I’m new to this. I’ve spend a few hours reading the manuals FAQs, Forum, but I still can’t figure out the most basic function of all;

I have an Etrex 30 and I have used the map from with no problems.

As I live in Delhi these days I’m trying to download the relevant maps. I’ve chosen map type (generic), none TYP file, choose India as predefined country. But what is next.
I don’t see a button to click to download or anything. I understand there might be a bit of a delay initially, so I redid and chose a small predefined country, Belgium. Again, I don’t see the next step? Am I stupid or what? I’m using a Mac.

Any pointers to what I’m doing wrong/overlooking would be appreciated.



Looks like the site is broken. When selecting a predfined country FF18 is saying:

[16:55:03.234] TypeError: fts[0] is undefined @

I contacted the owner about this.

here you find a list of OSM garmin maps download sites : is also not working for me (FF18 / I.E.9)

Thanks for reporting this problem. It was a failed map update that caused this so I reverted to the previous version. All should be well again.

Thanks for the quick responses. Everything is working fine and I managed to get my “Delhi” map into my Etrex30. Very cool!

Just one more question. I downloaded the OSM generic installer for the Mac. That put the map into my Garmin Basecamp. Once it’s visible in Basecamp how do I get it into the Etrex? Couldn’t figure it out. In the end I just downloaded the OSM generic file and put that straight into the Etrex and that did the trick. So I’m good to go. I’ve been up and downloading waypoint, tracks and routes between the Etrex and my Mac, but shouldn’t I be able to upload new maps from Basecamp into the Etrex as well?

Thanks for all the effort for this great way of handling maps (and free of charges too!)


This was possible in the predecessor MapSource. BaseCamp comes with a separate program called MapInstall.


Got it! Was already sitting on my Mac!

Thanks for the quick response.