How to display labels on standard layer.

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how labels are displayed for the standard map layer because I want to add a few labels for a dynamic map I have embedded.

I have drawn areas around the buildings and labelled them appropriately. I am wondering how I can get them to display on the standard map for all to see.

For personal labeling you can not use the standard map of osm. This map use the background layer of osm and you can add what you want See

Hello Jakka, thanks for getting back to me.

Though this is not quite what I am looking for, however the UMap solution is intriguing nonetheless.

This is a standard leaftlet.js setup I’m using and renders identically to the the standard OSM map:

As you can see at this location there are labels for Fullwood Lodge, Design Centre and Grace Villa among others. I have added area shapes for other buildings and am wondering when or how the labels can appear on the buildings using the standard OSM map layer.

If the building has a name, it will normally be rendered by the carto-css style (the standard layer on
However, if the name is too long or there are other labels that have to be placed in the area, the names will not be displayed. Part of this is decided by the makers of the style, part of it by the algorithm that renders the map.

As an viewer of the map you have no control at all over which labels are shown. The only way to change that, is create your own map style, look for another style that does what you want, or put labels on top via Leaflet or via uMap.