How to delete forum account, or change username?

I wanted to change my username on this Forum (

Since I can’t, I want to delete my account (I definitely no longer want to have that username I have now public).

I also do not find in my profile settings an option to delete my account.


  • How can I delete my account? Can an admin do that for me?
  • Or can an admin change my username? (Please contact me via private message to ask for the new user name).


Looked for a straight answer to include in the ‘How to use’ but it is seemingly a public secret the above OP having remained unresponded to for a year. Think it said somewhere to message @admin and when typing the aforementioned I get several accounts shown that have admin in them like admina265, Admin_Annon, adminsamara, vladadmin.

Will the real admin stand up and lay out the procedure to follow, which of course will end up being compliant with GDPR since I’m in Italy.


Now this issue is solved for me, magically “” now is redirecting to “”, and here my username is correct.

Problem solved, username as desired :-).

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Maybe because the plattform “”, where I asked first, has been migrated here, and this solved automatically my problem?

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Yes, you were probably seeing a cached version of the site on your browser, because the actual site has been redirecting here since it was migrated.


I found another original post of mine:

:arrow_upper_right: Here on it is still available.

The help site is still pending to be decommissioned.

Er no - this site was advertised as eventually replacing it. Unfortunately this site lacks some of the basic functionality (comments, voting up and down) that would be needed to do that.

Your last answer to the question of when that is likely to happen was a year ago here. Perhaps its worth updating everyone what the current status is?

The plugin we were waiting for being ready for deployment has recently (in the past weeks) changed its label to ready for deployment, so any updates on the timeline would require @Firefishy having the time to evaluate it first.

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