How to delete an incorrect museum

I recently updated the Mount Desert Museum, Mount Desert, ME (44.3625791, -68.3344614). I believed this was supposed to be the Somesville Museum and Gardens. However, doing more investigation, there doesn’t appear to be anything actually called the Mount Desert Museum and the location is actually a Detached Home.

To complicate this, the location of the current Somesville Museum is incorrect. It is showing the point at 44.3709123, -68.3272391 and, best I can tell, this is just out in a field or woods. This is a 2nd location that should be removed.

I would delete both of these, but I don’t see a way to do this while in Edit mode. How does one delete an incorrect entry?

Note that I’ve made the change to the building where the actual Somesville Museum is located which is at 2 Oak Hills Rd.

Thanks for any help.

-Ron may be helpful

You can just select the node and hit the delete key, or right mouse click & a waste basket is available on the drop down menu.

Bing Streetside confirms that the “Museum & Garden” is as you located it. Note there seem to be two Mount Desert Post Offices too. Looks like the area needs a bit of work.