How to delete an Account

I want to know how to delete my Account ?

Contact the admins. But i do a recall, that an earlier request of a user wasn’t really answered positively. Why do you wan’t to delete your account? It is pretty much impossible to delete your data from the planetdumps etc.

I would also like to delete my account. I don’t know how to contact the admins. I’m am based in the US and the information is fairly minimal so I can’t really use it. I think it’s a great idea though.

This doesn’t make sense to me and makes me wonder what sort of account you are referring to.

The forums certainly are valid resources for the USA, and I’ve never had any unsolicited material as a result of being on the forum. Finding the administrators for the forum is easy from the user list tab. There is one, Lambertus.

Deleting an account on Openstreetmap itself is very drastic, as it would be effectively trying to withdraw copyright permission from your contributions to the map, requiring them, and all subsequent changes to the same objects to be redacted. That is something that would normally only be done for serious copyright breaches. The USA is one of the countries best covered by OSM.

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