How to deduplicate Torre del Oro's museum?

Torre del Oro in Sevilla is mapped as a building. It is the home of the Museo Naval Torre del Oro (“Torre del Oro Naval Museum”) and has (I think correctly) tourism=museum.

However, there’s this node, also with tourism=museum, actually named “Museo Naval Torre del Oro” (the building is named simply “Torre del Oro”).

I believe there’s no need for the node, as it’s a duplicate of the Torre del Oro feature, but I’m not sure how to proceed, because technically speaking, the tower is Torre del Oro, not the museum.


Based on what you said about it I would probably leave two separate objects, the building (Torre del Oro) and a node for the museum (Museo Naval Torre del Oro).

It’s very common for historic buildings that the building itself and the POI that currently “inhabits” it are mapped separately.

This also allows you to do things like putting different wikidata tags for the building and museum, and it removes any ambiguity what tags such as start_date refer to (the date the building was built or the date the museum opened?).