How to de-choi?

while mapping around in Chiang Mai, I discovered frequently mis-spelled sois.

I found a total of 276 mis-spelled Soi in Thailand:

They have “ชอย” instead of “ซอย”.

What is your thoughts on fixing this? I could do a mechanical edit, but I feel these ways might benefit from manual review for other obvious typos.

So if you can spare a few minutes, you could review 10 of them a day. So in a short time we have fixed them all.

Search for JOSM:

type:way name~".*ชอย.*"

Hi Stephan,

Good catch.

How about editing in level0? Being text base I think it’s much better for this kind of work.

Best regards

My problem is, that my language skills are not good enough that I would feel confident to review the spelling of all these names.

And I have a strong tendency to think the names should be fully reviewed for spelling mistakes, not just the “Soi” fixed.

name:th is another key to check for the same spelling problem.

Good catch, indeed. The two characters look so much alike I had to check my substitutions file twice to make sure my Thai keystroke macro contains the correct first character (ซ). It does, so I’m glad to know these weren’t my mistake. LOL

I would definitely use level0. It’s a simple method and even if you make a few errors, at least those misspelled words will be fixed. Waiting for someone to proofread the rest of the Thai names might take a decade.

My 2 cents


Yes: I am using Level0 to do the edits.
With the help of Jo I did review and fix roughly half of the spelling mistakes. Found and fixed some other obvious typos.

With the help of Jo all Choi vs. Soi are now fixed. While at it, I found another 50 spelling mistakes of เเ vs. แ. I will look at them later.
Please check your records in case you copy/paste instead of typing.

These differences are so subtle - even after you showed them here, I had problems in seeing them. So, in case of copy-paste of Thai names, I am quite sure I won’t detect such issues…