How to create and manage marker, Line, Rectangle, Polygon and route

I am new to OpenStreetMap. I want to use this API in my PHP web applications. I want to implement below features using OpenStreetMap API.

Create and Delete marker on map.
Region Creation/Editing like Line, Rectangle, Polygon etc
Create route between two or more points.

Please Help …

Map is not a part of OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap API.

Try to use another APIs for OSM maps
For example

The OSM map doesn’t encode this information. You need to look at the tools that you are using to render an image from the map.

If you are using the, that is a combination of OSM run tools that create bitmap tiles, and leaflet.js, that creates the slippy map in the browser. You should probably be looking for support channels for leaflet.

Also note that the bitmap tiles are not provided for general end user use. They are only there as an aid to mapping, and for proof of concept applications. If you intend to go into production, you will need to either install your own tool chain to create map tiles, or use some server that is intended for end user use.

You might want to look at