How to create a travel itinerary track or map overlay?


I’m not sure where to ask this question - hopefully here is the right place!?

For ages I’ve been trying to work out how to create clear travel maps to include in my web site. My site uses Joomla and there are various plugins available to include maps, e.g. from OSM or Google, so that takes care of the basic requirement to display a map on my site, but I haven’t figured out how to produce a track or overlay that ticks all my boxes.

In terms of overall concept, what I would like to achieve is something along the lines of Michael Palin’s “Global Journeys Map” (at, although his map is a static image, as a PDF document, whereas I would like to have this as an interactive map.

I also want to be able to colour different sections of a journey, e.g. according to method of transport used (e.g. blue=boat, yellow=car, green=camel, etc.)

I did see the list of “track drawing web sites” ( but my understanding is that they are geared more towards things like hiking and biking tracks, not longer itineraries where I just want to indicate places and link them with connecting lines.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!

After searching the OSM wiki about Joomla, I finally found

Did you try these two?

Hi Stephan,

Many thanks for those and I will certainly try them out!

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You could try Umap.
It lets you add markers and draw lines on top of the map. You can add labels for points, and change the icons or colours etc.
It has options for embedding the map, so you could include it within your website.

I had the same problem as OP and I created which uses mapbox (osm underneath) and leaflet that allows you to create your travel map and calculate stats regarding those travels.