How to create a new account using email from a previously deleted OSM account?

I found a problem in creating a new account. Previously I deleted my openstreetmap account, then I wanted to create a new account with the previous email, but I couldn’t because there was a message “email has already been taken”. I also tried to reset the password from the login page using the previous email, but did not receive any email from openstreetmap. Is there another way I can create a new account using my previous email? Or is it true that you can’t and have to create an account using another email? Thank you.

You will need to contact for assistance - they can either reopen your old account or release the email address for reuse.

If you are using Gmail, you can enter an email alias by appending “+” to your base email address, e.g. All messages to this address will appear in your regular inbox (presuming Gmail doesn’t think they are spam), and OSM will recognize it as a different email address and thus allow you to create a new account.

have you checked spam folder?