How to create a map with


I apologize if this is not the right place for the question. I did a search for “printmaps” on the forum and almost all hits were from this group, so I guess here is where I get more chances to get help. I don’t speak German, so I am forced to write in English.

I am new to map generation/navigation and I would like to generate a map similar to the file 1, however I am having problems with the grid lines.

What I would like to accomplish:

a) As an example I would like to use: Latitude: 36.720232, Longitude: -4.355970
b) I would like to have grids on a 1:50000 scale
c) I would like to use A4 paper
d) I would like to have contours (osm-carto-ele20)
e) I would like to have grids
f) I would like to be able to use like 2 and 3 along with a Suunto MC-2 Global compass

I could manage to setup a) though d), however I am having problems with the rest.

What I did:

  • I used the website 4 with latitude and longitude to get the UTM Grid. I guess this is the first step to calculate the “Projection” variable on maps.yml.
  • Then I googled “30S utm projection” and got 5, and EPSG:32730, which I used as the “Projection” variable.
  • Got stucked =P

I noticed that in the file under the 1_50000 folder (which I am basing my example from) that there are some “MGRS_100kmSQ_ID_32[T|U]” files with many extensions. I guess they are important and I don’t know how to create/download them.

I also noticed that there are scalebar-2000.geojson, utmlatgrid1000.geojson and utmlongrid1000.geojson. I guess these are generated, I don’t know how though.

Some more it would be awesome to have:

It would be amazing to be able to generate maps like the ones from USGS 6. Furthermore, in some months I will be in the jungle and I don’t know if OSM have enough information so a satellite image overlay with some alpha transparency would be amazing (I don’t know if it is possible with printmaps). Caltopo is a good example of overlays with transparency 7.

If you want to see my current progress with the map generation, here is a Dropbox file with the files 8.

Thank you very much. If you read this far, thank you indeed!

Are the questions still open?