How to create a custom vector map for large scale printing?

Hello, I’m a photographer/designer using the latest OS X and Photoshop and have no knowledge of mapping tools.

I want to create — as a design element — a very large vector street map of a particular city and surrounding region — approx.16mi(26km)wide x 24mi(39km)high — for a one-time, large-scale printing of custom wallpaper. However, since this highly stylized map is for a printed graphic design (rather than for normal screen display) I want to turn off most OSM layers that would normally be displayed on screens, including labels, icons and most everything else, leaving only streets (in dark gray) and major highways (in white) to create a high-contrast, purely graphical composition of my target region as a background layer for my design. Ideally, my intention is to import such a custom vector map as a base layer into a full scale Photoshop file — approx.16ft(5m) wide x 24ft(7m) high @ 150 ppi) so that the street lines will be sharp at that size and resolution when printed.

FYI, I used a Google maps wizard I found online to generate a rasterized (low res) mockup of exactly what I want, as it was the only resource I could easily find that allowed me to do the mockup with my limited mapping tool skills. I’m hoping that a similar wizard or other tool exists for OSM data.

Since this is my first time here, I’m hoping that my question isn’t off-topic, or that I’m not being naive in the asking. If so, I sincerely apologize to everyone here. If not, then I’m hoping someone here might describe how to create my intended map graphic on a Mac using OSM data (based on my stated level of inexperience with mapping tools), or point me in the right direction to some wysiwyg tools. I’m extremely grateful for any help. Thanks very much, everyone!



Hello Bob,

I think it should be possible to reach your aims, but it needs some tweaking on your own.

Or if you can afford to take some proffessional services, have a look at … there are some companies that offer special map rendering.

Your first sources about self styled maps based on OSM can be: including

If you want to know more about any possible workflow to convert raw OSM data to any kind if bitmap graphics or vector graphics, read the OSM wiki from start on, from MainPage.

There are already some related questions and answers at … do a search there for key words like: render own style print map pdf svg

If you find any solution that already is near your needs but still missing or oversized with features, tell us here and give concrete examples.