How to convert OSM to Navikey 7ways

I love OSM, liked my Garmin Nuvi. That is until it broke. I used that is until it stopped being updated. (what is wrong with me?)

So, I looked around for another GPS in my attic, and I came across a PDA with a GPS, not a problem, Navikey 7Ways can help it. I know can supply the correct 7W file format, but what about OSM? I am a noob and I do not want to mess around with Java and CMD, but I will if needed…

GPSMapEdit can convert IMG to MP to 7W (with a little help) but that has not worked yet, at all…

I download OSM files, that’s complex. I download maps from BBBike (latin type), that works but when I open the maps I downloaded it says: :arrow_down:

WARNING: Not enough free memory!
 39.502 MB are requested, 52.605 MB are free (but may be highly fragmented).
ERROR: Loading has terminated.
30 warning(s).
Load time is 49.14 s.

In short, is there a better way to get the 7Ways map file from OSM?