How to convert OSM for Carminat informee cni1 (factory car navigation)

Does anyone know how to convert OSM format to format used in factory car navigation systems?

The one I need is for Carminat informee cni1 installed in a Renault Laguna ~2003.
It uses CDs, but the area I need is not covered at all and can not be updated too.
Only these areas are covered
Basically, the integrated system is useless until I find a way to compile and install another map…

Here are examples of what it says when I open files from the CD as txt:

  1. name: eeu_her_13q4_20140422p.
  2. content: eastern-europe (europe)
  3. oem: no usage
  4. supplier: navteq
  5. conv tool version: prod_20140407/carin_2014
  6. conv input files:
  7. conversion date: 20140422-1454
  8. db release number: 34
  9. conversion remarks: gdf version 2.1
    rds/tmc included
  10. conversion by: dbconv
  11. conditional access: false

This medium contains a digital road map database for the CARiN- and VDODayton navigation compatible systems.
The medium can be used in `product’ target-systems, for the “CARiN on PC” application, and for CARSiM.

Tool :5001
Date :2014-04-24
CD number :21613
Medium :Master CD
Navigation databases:
Type :non C-IQ
Event Texts :carinet16s2048.20080318
TPD Database :Not available
IBA Database :Not available
CARINSYS File :Not available

Continental Automotive GmbH receives original data from suppliers in generic data formats.
This original data will be compiled (transformed) into the database
formats of Continental Automotive GmbH. These formats are developed and owned by Continental Automotive GmbH.

And from Wikipedia:
CARiN Database Format (CDF) is a proprietary navigation map format created by Philips Car Systems
(this branch was sold to Mannesman VDO, which became VDO/Dayton in 1998, then Siemens VDO in 2002,
then Continental in 2007) and is used in a number of navigation-equipped vehicles.
The ‘CARiN’ portmanteau is derived from Car Information and Navigation.

Thanks for any help!

It seems to be a proprietary data format.

So in the case that a conversion from OSM data should be possible, you should get some hits when quering the normal internet search engines.

If you get no positive results about this, then I fear it is not possible.

Also the OSM wiki has NO hit when searching for CARIN there …

Tried that…
Tried searching for this in local forums and websites in languages I don’t even understand, but nothing came out.

What about “reverse engineering”? Maybe guys working on Garmin could help?