How to convert *.mp format to OSM


I have spend time (about 3 mounth) to do my own map with GPSMapedit tool 2 years ago. I have use this map in My Garmin GPS. Is it any way to convert mp format to OSM format?

Unfortunately there is no such tool (yet).

You could write your own if you don’t mind to get your hands dirty. I think the best way to go is to convert the .mp files to the .osm format and then bulk import using the bulk_import script or the JOSM editor.

And another valuable comment:

More about the OSM xml schema wiki:

I, too, have about a year’s travel worth of data in MP format, a lot of it in white areas (Sumbawa, Flores, Timor, N Thailand). I’m happy to upload this, but I’m not going to re-do a year’s worth of editing.

The bulk import script is now flagged as obsolete, so for the moment I am stuck with this data that even gpsbabel won’t read.

Any ideas on how I can import this without too much work, I’d like to hear about it. Please email me, notifications on this boards don’t always work.



I had exactly the same problem, stuff I had done in .mp some time ago in Thailand.

I wrote a quick and dirty program to convert the ways in .mp to tracks in .gpx - the problem was I think my old eTrex was knackered as the ways/tracks jumped around far too much to be reliable, so I lost interest.
The plan was to make a .mp to .osm convertor, with .gpx as an easy intermediate stage, but as I said, my base data was crap, so I basically gave up.

I could easily be persuaded to pick the project up again, with some good data, particularly if some of it is from Thailand :slight_smile:

btw, I tried emailing you from the link on your name, but it insisted you were Lambertus, weird, but true.

All the best.



The email link works for me, at least it says that I’m emailing ‘beddhist’ :wink: . But email notifications sometimes don’t work for me here, either, so perhaps there is a forum problem?

My email is beddhist at gmail, so you can email me directly. BTW, if you are looking for a good N Thailand map head to, there is an excellent routable map there.