How to contribute to OSM by

Hi All,

Not so familiar with the do’s and dont’s in this forum I would like to know how I can help to improve the quality of the OSM maps. In particular, a few weeks ago I travelled by bike on a road which didn’t exist on the map I was using. In my case it was the map of The Netherlands.
So, what should I upload or send by mail (e.g. the track I’ve made with my Garmin Oregon)? Please let me know.



Hi HugoV

Welcome! There are more experienced mappers than me who may be along soon, but in the meantime…

Have you sussed how to edit the map in your browser? If you go to there’s an ‘edit’ button. Once you have a login, you can access the basic in-browser editor (called iD - there are software versions that take more learning) and take yourself through the walk-through. There’s also a site called which is a good place to start.

On GPS, there may be useful info here for you?

You may like to know that there are many sources of support:,, an ICQ channel, many country- and special-interest list-servs, etc etc. This forum is on the quiet side, but I find it helpful for narrative-type problems that aren’t just a question of checking documentation.

Anyway; welcome, and happy mapping.


In case you were wanting a more basic steer: find the bit of the world you want to map, click edit, make your changes to the map, hit save. That’s it!

The link is most interesting. I will have to find some (spare?) time to explore this.

Thanks a lot!