How to configure a custom background map in id-Editor?

I want to check-out and edit a number of locations in OSM id-editor. All the locations I’m interested in are already added as marker in a umap map.
How can I configure this umap as a custom background map in the id-Editor.?
I don’t want some image picture as a background in OSM id-Editor but instead I wand a dynamic map as background. This map might be edited by others while I use it to inspect certain areas in OSM.
I wonder how to do this as it appears to be a major usecase for umap.

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I don’t think you can do that.

You could download the content of the uMap as geojson, and then open that with JOSM, maybe using a plugin.

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In id-Editor I read “Custom Background Settings”
Enter a tile URL template below.
Supported WMS tokens:
Supported TMS tokens:

So, I assumed something like this could work:
HauptnetzRad Leipzig - uMap
but no … :frowning:

Would this be a reasonable enhancement to support in id-Editor?
(So far - I’m not using JOSM …)

iD can open files (.gpx, .kml, .geojson, .json) from the Map Data panel, either local or from a URL.