How to collect recent posts of all sub-categories in 'Communities'

Articles that everyone will find interesting are occasionally posted in other local communities.
It’s sad that articles like this are quickly disappearing.
Is it possible to make more posts appear on the right side of the local community area?

P.S. Thank you to the technicians who are working to create a better community environment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello! I am not sure, but this might help:

If you use the “New” or “Latest” buttons on top of the main forum window, you will get an overview of threads, regardless if they are in- or outside of your local community.


What actual URL is that?

The red area to the right of the image in the top post.
On the first page without entering the ‘Communities’ menu…
Now I see the 3 most recent posts, and I wish I could see more of these.

That is just a picture. What is the actual URL? As you browse around this site the URL will change. What is the browser URL when you see that picture?

Oh, sorry…

If it helps, this is what I see there:

and as an anonymous user:

both of which are very different to yours. I wonder what the difference is?

As far as I can see, the only difference is that I’m using a black theme.

If you click on a post and scroll down, do you see “Suggested Topics”, and below that " There are N unread and N new topics remaining, or browse other topics in…" ?

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Sorry about this.
I understand what you’re saying now.

<How to browse recent posts in all sub-categories in ‘Communities’>

On the main page…

  1. Change the ‘all categories’ item to the ‘Communities’ item.
    화면 캡처 2023-05-24 014532

  2. If I scroll all the way down again, the latest articles in the category appear under the ‘Communities’ list. (The yellow part at the bottom of the image)

While reading the post, not the main page…

  1. Click the ‘unread’ or ‘new’ item at the bottom of the page.

  2. Then follow the above process.

It’s a bit cumbersome, but it’s a good alternative.
Thank you.
And, Thank you too, @SomeoneElse.