How to choose access tags for gates?

I usually add barrier=* near the intersection of a path and a highway as per the wiki, and add the corresponding access=private/customers/destination tag to the corresponding highways.
I have only used so far access=no on highways that are blocked or are in strongly restricted areas (e.g. military)

I usually don’t add the access=* tag to the barrier node, but I came across an example of a large government estate that has multiple gate access, where there is a main entrance open at specific hours but other gates seem to be closed permanently (or rarely open).

Should I always add access tags to barriers and which one in this specific example?

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I usually use access=private for those sort of situations, but it’s a subject of some debate!


Definitely not always, especially in cases where access is not clear.

I used access=yes (or foot=yes or more specific tags if you cannot drive in) + opening_hours=

Or maybe just opening_hours= ?

access=private - though with “(or rarely open)” it is trickier


smoker=no :wink:

The Wiki suggests locked=yes for this case (assuming it’s actually locked and not just shut). The rationale is that access= is for legal rights to access and that isn’t the same as physical access. This seems to fit your situation well: you don’t know who is allowed, so you don’t set an access tag, but you can tag that it’s (usually) locked.

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