How to check for errors in tagging

I was thinking of asking how one checks the tagging of an area for errors, but I’ve just discovered one answer - I don’t know if there are others …

If you go to, there is a plus sign (“+”) in the top righthand corner. If you click on that, it opens an additional menu. At the bottom of that menu there is an item “Maplint annotation”. This does exactly what I wanted! Brilliant!

Now I can look for segments that have been tagged, and clean them up, moving the tags to ways comprising those segments instead. (Any ideas how I do this in JOSM? I think I have to delete the way, then remove the tags from the segments, then recreate the way and add the tags to it. Is there an easier way?)

I also notice the village that I’ve been mapping that I’ve omitted the road name on a couple of residential road ways, so I can go back and put them in - I’d never have noticed this one without Maplint.

I’m not sure what else it checks for, because those are the only two things it’s highlighting in the bit I’m working on, though I suspect it might flag other errors as well.

So, thanks “someone” for Maplint!

Tony Q

Yep, the maplint layer in the slippymap is a real gem. For JOSM there is the Validator plugin which does pretty much everything Maplint does too.

In the past there was also a JOSM (although it didn’t check for missing names on streets): JosmLint, it is part of the UtilsPlugin plugin from Martijn van Oosterhout. Perhaps it is still downloadable somewhere…