How to change' Name' Tags



since a few days I try to plot the ‘name’ tags for citys, towns, villages, hamlets and s.o. It works, but there are some problems:

  • Citys, towns and villages are mostly tagged with the JOSM - template. The ‘name’ tag in this case is a dot. This is difficult to find in higher zoom levels.
  • Sometimes the tagger use the ‘place’ tags. But if the do’nt add the ‘name’ tag too, the ‘place’ has no name and is difficult to recognize (by now, place is a polygon).
  • Sometimes the tagger only use ‘landuse=residential’ (That’s wrong, but it’s the reality).

Result: If there is no name tag in the cases 2 and 3, I want set the name tag with the value of 1.

I use mkgmap for rendering ‘mkgmap’.

What should I insert in ‘points’ and ‘polygons’ to filter these cases ?

I tried some ‘set’ instructions, but these values

name!=* ‘…’ or
mkgmap:label1:1!=* ‘…’

lead to an error. I have no idea… Can anybody help ?
(By now the tags above mean: 'If the name tag is not present…then…)

I think this will work:
place=* & ( name!=* | name=‘…’ ) {set name=1}
landuse=residential & ( name!=* | name=‘…’ ) {set name=1}

But I’m not sure what you mean by name tag is a dot.

Bingo, it works, thank you very much !!! :):):slight_smile:

The meaning of dot:

All cities, villages and so on are tagged in JOSM templates as a ‘POI’ and therefore they city, village… are rendered as a dot. I think these templates are not the best solution, because cities, villages … are allways areas (polygons).

Best regards

Also the administrative boundaries with admin_level 8 are needed to make the search by address works. Without boundaries the streets could be assigned to the wrong city or not assigned at all.