How to call / tag this ?

I made this topic, so that one can post here a picture wich he/she does not know how to tag . :slight_smile:

to begin with … what should this named (i mean the ‘thing’ on the road, and not the girls with dog :stuck_out_tongue: ) ?
Combinatie tractorsluis/zandbak

Something like barrier=*

In dutch, this is just a variation on ‘tractorsluis’ - as I said in the other topic I’ve read about options other then just sump_buster to restrict access.

Personally, I’d go with ‘barrier = sandbox’. I’ve looked at the list of currently used tags ( ) but nothing relevant appears to pop up).

It is (for now at least) a very rare occurence, hence not documented in tagging info.

how to tag a drone pilot with a official licence, and a furniture upholsterer ? craft=* ?

edit =
Ik heb er in Antwerpen een note van gemaakt.
Volgens mij is het een drinkwaterfonteintje, door een technische school gemaakt, dat in onbruik geraakt is.
Dat is maar een vermoeden.
Maar ik ken geen andere drinkwaterfonteintjesspecialisten.

Edit =
De oplossing is er ,
het is een dia-rama

Is there any indication what it’s used for? I can’t really tell from the image, but it looks like something you put an extra piece into, to open a gate / sluice / … Not sure if in real life the sign on the right explains it?

The upholsterer:
(appears only in the frech version?)

The drone pilot: not sure, but I’ve asked in the Riot channel. Of the members is a (recreational?) drone pilot, so he may have an insight on what would be a proper tag.

No existing tag I can find on the wiki, nor on Taginfo. You mapped it as “craft=drone_pilot” for now. In values for keys with “well-known values” use underscores rather than spaces: “craft=drone_pilot”.

If you search for “upholsterer” on the wiki, you immediately find

No :stuck_out_tongue:

done … made an underscore between … :wink: … but i just wonder why it is ‘necessary’ ?

OK, tnx,… just corrected it … :wink:

I think office is a better fit than craft. it, accountant, architect are all under office.
Craft is more for manual labor such as carpenter, black smith, etc.

done … made an ‘office’ instead of ‘craft’ for a drone pilot :slight_smile:

Ik kom nogal wat tegen.
En veel waarvan ik niet weet wat het is, of waarvoor het dient.
Ik zou er een eigenlijk een nieuwe plezante topic van moeten maken.

Hier iets dat iets met de spoorwegen te maken heeft.

Looks like some kind of antenna / sensor. But couldn’t find more info on it either.

And do post the weird stuff - could be interesting.

@phillipec, you could ask user eimai, he should know what it is.

I agree on posting the weird stuff, we all can learn from it.

how to tag a ‘piece’ of road in a roundabout , that only is allowed for long ‘exceptional traffic’ ? →

access=private (“Only with individual permission” from OSM-Wiki)

EDIT ; i made an access=restricted + exceptional_traffic=yes instead . :wink:

what is best to do with this? i made a ‘popinjay’ mast (staande wip in flemish) on this page →
but ‘tower:type=sport’ seems not (yet) ‘applicable’ ? :roll_eyes:

edit : seems like someone has already ‘come to conclusion’ :stuck_out_tongue:
so i changed it also in tower:type=popinjay

Wat dat ding naast de spoorwegen betreft,
ik heb iets gelijkaardigs gevonden in Kapellen, twee zelfs

De microfoon ? is leesbaar van het merk

Het lukt mij tegenwoordig niet een foto in het bericht te slepen.