How to build/compile maps with local language?

I have downloaded a few countries from
I download the tiles files ( and then combine the maps using
something like: java -Xmx700m -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp --verbose --transparent sweden/.img norway/.img deuchland/*.img

Looking at the maps on my device, all names are in plain english, any local characters from europe such as:
se: åäö, no/dk: åæø, de: üöä, pl: ąęółśżćź, cz: ěščřžýáí. are all replaced with aeoulrc, etc without their markers.

How should i combine them to preserve the local spelling when i combine maps for many countries at the same time?


The key issue about maps in different languages is handled in the OSM wiki at

But in your case it can be a specific Garmin problem … maybe ask in the Garmin subforum here.