how to apply Stamen skins to OSM's

Hey guys - So I’m looking for some help, I know Fkall about coding so bear with me! I’m designing an invite for my wedding.
It’s in the middle of nowhere so I wanted a pretty map with directions for the invites. I really like the stamen watercolour effect, but can’t quite suss out how to make it work. basically Ive found an external site that lets you put directions into OSM’s how then would I apply the watercolour skin?
cheers folks d

I found the source of the watercolor tiles in the OSM wiki about

Then you can have a closer look at where we have the tools bigmap and bigmap2 mentioned.

I have not tested this yoet, but maybe with these two tools you are able to download watercolor tiles and stitch them to get a larger bitmap to print out.

Also refer to and search for “print” or “paper” or similar.