I have added several Trails, but cannot find out how to enter TRAIL MARKERS “1”,“2”,“3”
The posts at intersections.
How to I add this information to the Trail??


I would guess information=route_marker

The standard tag is tourism=information and information=guidepost as documented on the wiki (and rendered on lonvia’s waymarked trails map).

I haven’t been mapping long and I am using iD editor.
I placed a POINT and did a search on TOURISM.
It came up with TOURISM with NAME and TYPE, but I cannot see how to enter TOURISM=INFORMATION and INFORMATION=GUIDEPOST

How to I enter these TAGS?

I did see in the POTLATCH2 there is an ADVANCE option that seemed very detailed, but I prefer to use iD Editor

Please Advise

Since I cannot get a response from SK53, I am going to use GATE and Label the Trail Numbers as REF. It is not correct, but at least it shows up correctly on my GPS


If it is not correct then you shouldnt put wrong data into osm.
You can add specific tags in the left panel near the bottom.