How to add oriental (Chinese) bar?

I want add bar named “Sajgon”. I clicked on boundary, next I added amenity fast_food.

  • no new icon appears
  • no details, like bar name

Please post the id of the node / way (boundary) you’re referring to. Also a link to the area from (Right side menu → Share) would be helpful.

Poland, Grójec, plac Wolności 7B
I don’t know how to get id of node
sharing: geo:51.86570,20.86568?z=19
(I want to enable search “chińskie dania” in Polish in MapsME on Android)

I think this is the building you are referring to:

It sounds like you are trying to add the amenity to this existing building, i.e. treating the building and the amenity as the same feature. That might be appropriate if the entire building is a fast food restaurant. But it is very common to add amenities and shops as separate nodes within the boundary of a building. If you look at how nearby features are mapped, that seems to be the more common approach - see this pharmacy for example: It is also easier in ID - add a new “Point”, select feature type Fast Food, and you should get a selection of fields to populate for name, type of cuisinge and so on.