How to add notes that appear on maps

Hello from Australia!

How do I add notes on maps such as “Sand dunes exceed 5m” or “Minimum two 4wds on this track” or “Report to **** ranger station” or “Carry 40 litres drinking water per person”. Some could be signs but others are more of a maps note you see on other map types.

I am aware of notes=***** But this is not what I am after. Need something that actually renders on maps.

Many thanks


as far as I know only “name” fields are rendered on the standard mapnik map that you see on Also in the other presentations, only names are rendered.
There are a few maps (e.g. or that show popups for POIs displaying all attributes.

So there is no standard way to do this. But the “note” tag is normally considered for communication between mappers. Text that should be available to end-users should go in the “description”-tag.

Ok thank you Escada