How to add new estate onto OSM that is not yet visible with Satellite?

My town has been undergoing a lot of work lately as such there are multiple new estates that have been almost completely built since the last satellite data update in my area, I’m wondering if there’s a way to be able to import data from how these estates look onto OpenStreetMap?

You best bet would be to ask the local community (i.e. in your case United Kingdom) if there are any good datasets available for your area that have a suitable license. That includes orthoimagery, cadastre or topo maps.

If not, then - well - you can still draw roads based on GPS traces acquired with a smartphone. And add addresses manually. Then patiently wait for the imagery to be updated (Which for most urban areas in Europe is 2 or 3 years, given the multitude of global imagery providers like Bing, DG, Esri, Mapbox, Maxar).

To be honest I wouldn’t ask there since almost no-one uses that forum! However, the GB mailing list is pretty active though: . Looking at what is available, “OS OpenMap Local” looks like it has some bits that aren’t in OSM (or are just construction in OSM) near where you’ve been editing. There was a recent question at (I think) about using that in the iD editor.

Yes - you’ll still need to do that for “on the ground” things of course.